I’m not someone who has a lot of blushes to be honest; when I find one I like, I tend to just stick with it and use it and use it until it hits the pan, then I’ll get a new one. I think I probably have less than 12 blushes overall (#BeautyBloggerFAIL) and so I thought I would show you some of my faves, all of which would suit people of all skin tones.
1) Sleek Blush in Flush –  I know that certain types of makeup have expiry dates and I’m pretty sure that this blush has gone long past it, as I remember buying this in my last year of uni, nearly 5 years ago. O_O. It’s my number one go-to blush and it’s so tremendously pigmented that only a minute amount of it need be used – hence why I haven’t even hit the pan yet. The quality in these blushes far supersedes the price, making them great value for money. It’s dusty rose in pigment with light shimmer particles  and has a pretty smooth texture. I love!
2) MAC Powder Blush in Ambering Rose –  Ambering Rose is described as a “muted rose” from MAC. It’s sort of a rosy brown/copper colour with slight golden shimmer and is very blendable without being chalky. It has a good colour payoff that’s buildable from sheer to opaque and is likely to suit all skin tones. This is my second pot and I love wearing it during summer if I want a slight rose-tinged bronzed look
3) Sephora blush in Cinnamon Spice & Golden Spice– It has recently come to my attention (as of 2 minutes ago) that Sephora no longer do their single powder blushes anymore! Poo. A shame really, as these blushes were excellent. I picked them up back in 2013 while in New York and I’m now kicking myself that I didn’t buy more. These two aren’t as used as the two above as I find these slightly more chalky, but I do love the colours. There’s a bit more of a shimmer with these blushes so I only tend to use them if I’m going ‘out’ out at night. We mustn’t fret, however as I have two dupes of these (albeit a tad more expensive) coming up below!
4) NARS Blush in ‘Taos” – This is one of the newer blushes in my collection and my first NARS blush. Long considered one of the heavy weights within the blush world, the NARS blushes have this baby soft, smooth texture and hideously brilliant pigmentation that is unparalleled. Taos is described as a ‘desert rose with shimmer’ and is a warm toned, burnt rose with a subtle golden sheen. The blush is incredibly pigmented so you’d need a light hand with this to avoid going overboard. It has a soft, finely milled texture that sits well on the skin and blends incredibly well. A must have for darker complexions!
5) NARS Blush in ‘Taj Mahal‘ – I remember asking some followers on Twitter last year about blush shades that would suit darker skintones and Taj Mahal pretty much came up unanimously. I was slightly intimidated by the stark orange colour, but after seeing some swatches and reviews online, I decided to take the leap, and boy am I glad I did. The blush is described as a ‘burnt, blazing orange with golden shimmer’ and is a bold, vibrant orange with hints of red and golden shimmer/sheen. This is definitely a blush for summer, let me tell ya. The pigmentation is insane and the LIGHTEST of hands is needed as not to go overboard; on darker skin the pigment will show instantly, however on lighter skin, you may need to use a stipling or feather blush to apply. See what it looks like on me here!
So there we have it; as you can see, I have a lot of love for dusty rose colours here; the NARS Taj Mahal blush is probably the ‘craziest’ blush I own but for the most part, I love colours that compliment the warm red undertones in my skin.

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January 25, 2015


My favourite blushers

  1. Lesley X says:

    Beautiful shades, love the Sephora blushes x

  2. Yes Taj Mahal is such a gorgeous colour for darker skin tones. Can look intimidating like really!? But the finish and the radiating looks ahh beautiful. I noticed I only started wearing blushers in around 2011/2012 before that I always felt like I'd look like a clown lol but now blush and bronzer galore (duh bronzers) xo

  3. Crissy (Dainty Fawn) says:

    MAC's Ambering Rose sounds like the perfect summer blush. Going on my wishlist! I only own two shades of blush that's part of a contour palette lol

  4. Christerline S. says:

    Taj Mahal has been on my list for years but never get it when I go to Sephora. I think the color will illuminate and had a gorgeous glow to the face.

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