Ain’t January the worst?
I told myself that I will be implementing a 3 month spending ban of sorts (only breaking said ban to buy things of necessity like food, water..going out..ya know..). We are already on day 10 and I am already kicking myself, partly due to the fact that I basically need ALL THE THINGS.
I’ve composed a wishlist of sorts to remind me of the staples that I can hopefully pick up within the next couple of months or so. All the products above come from some of my favourite brands – as you can tell by the amount of items present, I don’t need much for now – stress being on the ‘NOW’ part as I guarantee that’ll be due to change within the next week or so!
I realised the other day that I haven’t made a purchase from MAC in over a year: #DaFuq? When making purchases from there, I normally only stick to their lipstick, with two of my favourites being Ruby Woo and Touch. Ruby Woo and I initially didn’t get on at first, what with her being dry as fuck on my lips and whatnot, but we found a comprise and now we are the best of friends.
Touch is an all round amazing nude lipstick that’ll suit people of all skintones. It matches my skin tone PERFECTLY; no need for me to smudge or blend with other lipsticks or liners, and it doesn’t make me look like a crackhead, which is always a bonus.
Bobbi Brown have recently released their Illuminating Nudes Collection  and this gorgeous Desert Rose blush is part of it, and I want it – I want it NOW! I realised that I don’t have a lot of blush in my makeup drawer – this needs to be corrected asap. 
Now I love me some Balance Me. Their products have always agreed with my skin type especially during the Winter, particularly the Radiance Facial Oil which I like to use underneath my moisturiser, and the Super Moisturizing Body Wash, which smells amazing. Both can be found on Look Fantastic.
Last but not least are the lovely guys over at Makeup Revolution and their amazing products. I just want ALL THE EVERYTHING.
I love Makeup Revolution – the quality and prices of their products are amazing, and they keep coming out with bigger and better things – one of these things being the #LipHug lipsticks, a collection of highly pigmented, intense shades, and there are at least 12 colours there that I need now. 
So there we are, my essentials. Let’s see how long we last before I give in and nab the lot, eh?

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January 10, 2015


I Covet Thee(se)…

  1. Heard a lot of good stuff about the Balance Me Radiance Oil. My face is in need of some TLC asap . Makeup Revolution always good for the buck xo

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