I’ve purchased a lotta stuff at Lush over the years, however there are two staple products that I ALWAYS have to buy whenever I’m in store or I run out. It’s funny because I’m not the biggest fan of edible honey, however I love me some honey-tinged cosmetics as their pharmaceutical benefits are widely known. 

Flying Fox Shower Gel (250g) £9.95

I’ve always loved me some Flying Fox – it includes a cocktail of of honey from different countries (Greek, English and Hungarian) and smells absolutely delicious! Honey helps the skin to retain moisture, as well as smoothing irritating skin so if your skin is of the dry or sensitive persuasion, this’ll be right up your alley. I find that I tend to use this when Arsenal plays home games (TMI) and I’m not sure why but the slight jasmine scent really helps to relax me during those periods (ha!). I would say it’s a good wash to use in the Autumn/Winter months as it’s very woody, comforting and warm. The only thing I have against it is that it contains parabens and Mama don’t like none of that, nah-uh. I mean, I haven’t seen any detrimental effect on my skin, but just knowing that it contains it bugs me so I only try to use the shower gel about twice a week. 

Honey I Washed the Kids Soap Bar £3.40 per 100g (above is 152g)
Honey…is a global favourite and it’s not hard to see why. The caramel/honey soap smells ABSOLUTELY.AMAZING. It comes with the cute honeycomb topping (which is pretty redundant as you can’t really exfoliate with it, but looks cute) and is non-abrasive. It’s extremely mild which is great as I normally never use solid soap bars as they irritate and dry out my skin. It’s full of radiance boosting oils such as rapeseed oil, coconut oil, bergamot oil and orange oil and also contains Aloe Vera and glycerine which helps the skin retain moisture, AND I AS ALL ABOUT THE MOISTURE #TeamSarahaSkin
Anyhoo, these are two honey packed products to keep in mind when you next go into Lush and are looking for some moisturing shower essentials.
What are your staples from Lush?


March 15, 2014


My Lush Allstars.

  1. That's such a shame with parabens I'm trying to avoid them at all cost I can't help feeling Lush products can be a little misleading! I love 'Charity pot' body lotion has a lovely coconut scent, and I love imperialis perfect for my combo skin x

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