January has always been notorious for being the month of change; especially when it comes to keeping fit and being healthy. I actually joined my gym way back in October, however the gym has had it’s grand opening a couple of weeks ago and since then, I’ve been endeavoring to go after work at least twice a week! #TrynaAGetThisSummerBaaaaadeh
I thought I’d come to you guys with a different sort of post today, talking about the different products I keep within my gym bag!
I’ve been using the Nike Brasilia Holdall bag (similar here) for about 4 years now and it hasn’t steered me wrong since. It’s extremely light, regardless of how many things you try and stuff inside and it also comes with various compartments to store your keys, padlocks, washbag etc.


Now, It’s so easy to look on Tumblr and Pinterest and be inundated with all these fancy neon Nike running shoes, however it’s so important that you buy shoes based on your foot type and comfort levels. Admittedly, these trainers are the ugliest things known to man, however the comfort level is out of this world! 
I’m naturally flat footed, so I’m not able to wear a lot of the fancy trainers out on the market at the moment as I’ll find it uncomfortable. Asics trainers are well known within the fitness world for being awesome running shoes and for catering to different people’s needs. 
I chose to get the Gel 1160s (no longer available, however the updated versions are available here) as they support people with low to no foot arches and are SO.COMFORTABLE.IT’S.UNREAL.


I have a real fascination with neon green at the moment, so I picked up this water bottle and extra large towel from Primark. 


Depending on whether I’m going to the gym in the morning or the evening, I use totally different products from my usual routine. I’ve been using The Body Shop products for the gym for as long as I can remember. I don’t really know why, It’s just always been that way! I love using the Shea shower cream as it’s rich in moisture and I generally prefer creams to gels. I’ve been wanting to try the Honeymania range  since its release and so far I haven’t been disappointed; it has a rich, floral scent that lingers on the skin for a while and also promises to deliver 24 hour hydration. 
To wash my face, I use a quick blast of the Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Wash to take off all the sweat and skin and other nasty things off my face. My skin feels really clean whenever I use it; like, squeaky clean, so I like using it more at the gym. 

To moisturise my skin if I’m going to the gym in the day, I use Dr. Hauschka Day Cream  as it’s very light and helps to regulate and balance the oil and moisture content in my skin. During the evening, I head straight to Weleda’s Wild Rose Night Cream – a thick and intensive moisturiser that replenishes the skin during the night.

What do you guys keep in your gym bag? 


February 4, 2014


What's In My Gym Bag?

  1. Hayley says:

    My dog always gets in the way when I'm taking photos, especially OOTDs! The water bottle looks really cute 🙂
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  2. Nothing haha, I live really close to the gym now so I just get dressed, walk a minute and im there. I do bring shakes, or some snack bar or fruit though.. xx love all ur recent posts hun

  3. MissAshDG says:

    I don't really bring anything with me because I usually head straight there and back home haha

  4. Chloe Albuery says:

    Such a unique post, haven't seen one like this so far! Thanks for sharing – helping me to start working out more! X

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