Last week I had the pleasure of being invited to the Pur Minerals cosmetics event where I spent the evening learning more about the brand and mineral make-up in general. Pur Minerals is an American cosmetics brand which specializes in mineral makeup that is cruelty-free and contain no fillers, harsh chemicals or dyes. The company have recently launched their products in Marks and Spencers which contain lip crayons, lipstick, foundation and blushes as well as their skincare range, including facial masks and serums which I will be reviewing soon!Pur_Mineras_Events
While there, I was shown some of the new products being released within the range such as the 5-Piece Start Now Kit, which is a five piece kit containing products that help create a flawless and clear complexion- a little something that I have my eye on for the winter months!
One thing about the products that i’m really drawn to is that most of the products contain multitasking formulas which work with the skin to correct and prevent common skin disruptions, such as blemishes and pigmentation; makeup that also doubles as skincare? Count me in! If you’re a bit of a naturalista like myself, then you’ll be pleased to know that the range is predominantly plant-based, so no nasty compounds on the skin. The product range is vast and diverse and is of such a great quality.
I had such a wonderful time at the event seeing Grace, Yolanda , Kat and Jayne (who by the way, is STUNNING!) and the team at Wizard Publicity who put on the event. A huge thank you goes out to them for the invite!
Check out more from the Pur Minerals range on the M&S range here.


October 2, 2013


An Evening With Pur Minerals.

  1. It was a great event!! Can you send me the pics of us somewhere lol? & thanks for ur comment about my new layout/header.. wasn't sure if i like it? but i NEVER like my headers , always unhappy with them 🙁 and about flat twisting.. omg im so not good at it, still learning- if I can do it- YOU can do it!!.. x

  2. *Shug* says:

    This looked like such a great event! The lip crayons and lipsticks are beautiful. I will defo be trying out some of their products. x

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