^^^ Hmmmmmm……
 An absolutely gorgeous, GORGEOUS colour. Horrible horrible texture. What a shame!
Maybelline Super Stay 24 Bold Matte Lipstick – £3.99


August 12, 2013


Wordless Review – Maybelline Super Stay 24 Bold Matte Lipstick

  1. Bummer that this didn't work out for you. Doesn't look like too great of a product. I love the glossy ones though!! Nice review! xo


  2. KylieR says:

    oh no thats such a shame as it is a gorgeous colour. x

  3. Makeup and Henna says:

    Such a shame that it didn't work! The colour is gorgeous!

  4. Karolina S. says:

    did you apply the color first and then the balm? I do it this way and it looks fine, lasts up to 14 hours. I'm in love with this one.

  5. Rukaiya xo says:

    I agree with Karolina S. ↑ … I absolutely love this lipstick! I got it in red and it lasts for ages. However, it really is a bit tricky to apply sometimes. I usually apply the color, give it a minute or two to dry (without pressing my lips together), and then apply the balm with a lip brush. Don't give up on it just yet! Lol x

    Rukaiya | Muslim In The Big City

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