.This post has been in the wings for a while as I wanted to get a thorough use of all the products and see how it worked out for my hair. I bought Shea Moisture range while in New York after previously using the Deep Treatment Masque and loving it! 
The Shea Moisture range is made up of several natural products such as shampoos and conditioners, to hair masques and curling creams. The underlying ingredient included in all products is unprocessed, natural shea butter, sourced from the creators’ home town of Sierra Leone. All of the products are free from; parabens, phthalates, paraffin, gluten, mineral oil, animal ingredients and hasn’t been exposed to animal testing. Talk about natural eh??
I purchased the shampoo and conditioner as well as a top up of the deep treatment masque and two curling creams. 
Moisture Rentention Shampoo
Said to help soften, moisturize and repair damaged, over-processed hair, the moisture retention shampoo contains de-ionized water, shea butter, sea kelp and argon oil to help lock in moisture as well as keeping the hair shaft smooth and glossy. 
I sometimes use this alone or if I feel that I have too much product build up, I’ll use it with a couple of tablespoons of baking powder and I’ll be good to go. The good thing with this shampoo is that you really don’t need that much for a thorough scrub. It has a pleasant light, nutty scent with a faint aroma of Argan oil and I found that while washing my hair, that as well as visibly seeing all the shite from my locks and scalp go down the drain, my hair had a bit of “slip” to it, which I’m attributing to the moisture of the shea butter. My hair feels soft and surprisingly knot-free – almost as if I had washed my hair with the conditioner instead.
Other ingredients in the shampoo include: Aloe Vera, Japanese Honeysuckle, Vitamin E and Honeysuckle.

Restorative Conditioner
The restorative conditioner contains most of the same ingredients as the shampoo and comes with a handy pump to distribute the right amount of product. I’m going to say straight off the bat that I love this stuff! What I love about the conditioner is its’ versatility:
– Pre-wash conditioner? YES!
– Knot detangler? YES!
– Leave in conditioner? YES!
– Wash out conditioner? YES!
– Moisture serum spray for dry hair (mixed with water and coconut oil)? YASSSSSSSS!!!
I literally use this baby for everything. My favourite way to use the conditioner is as a knot detangler. I use a pea-sized amount within a section of my hair and use my tangle teezer to comb out the tangles and they disappear like that! This stuff is amazing for making your hair extremely soft so I would definitely recommend for those with dry and damaged hair. The product is almost scentless, however there is a light coconut smell that lingers on the hair for a while which I don’t mind.
Other ingredients in the conditioner include; coconut oil, Vitamin B, Avocado Oil, Carrot Oil.
Deep Treatment Masque
I have written a previous review of this treatment masque which is a bit more in-depth here so you can take a gander of that – but in short, this masque is lovely. Not too rich, not too sheer, I found that it really conditions and detangles my hair and is a great leave-in masque when you add other components such as egg yolk or avocado. Does what it says on the tin.
Other ingredients in the masque include; Argan Oil, Avocado Oil, Vitamin B, Vitamin E, Sage, Carrot Oil and Avocado Oil.

Coconut and Hibiscus Curling Gel Souffle
I was a bit hesitant about purchasing this product as I’d read some negative reviews, but I thought I would at least try it out and see if it works for me. The Curling Souffle is a curling product that is supposed to help moisturise and define curls without leaving the hair crisp and dry. 
First off, the consistency of the gel is quite sticky. It has the same texture of a jelly that hasn’t quite set in the fridge yet; pretty gloopy. I’ve used the gel several times for my twist-outs and I can honestly say that this may not be a product I’ll be using again. 
The gel is a bit too gooey for me and makes quite a mess when using it to define curls. I found that my hair would frizz uncontrollably and the curl would not hold at all. Extremely disappointing! There’s not really much for me to say about this product apart from to avoid at all costs. Of course if you already own this and have found a way to make it work for you, then that’s all good. This product and my hair just did not get on at all. My hair did really get on with another product though – which leads me to the next one.
Other ingredients in the Curling Souffle include; Sugar Cane Extract, Glycerin, Coconut, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Flaxseed Oil.

Coconut and Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie
This smoothie contains some pretty awesome ingredients including; Macadamia Oil, Avocado Oil, Aloe Leaf Extract, Neem Oil and Carrot Oil and helps to restore moisture and shine to hair while enhancing one’s curls.
I really really like this smoothie. One thing I don’t want in a curl enchancing cream is for it to leave my hair frizzy and crispy and this smoothie certainly makes sure of that.
There are loads of curling creams on the market which are much more expensive than this one but i’ve found that this one is pretty adequate and does what it says on the tin essentially. Sometimes it’s hard for my curls to…”curl” (heh ^_^) properly as my hair is really kinky, but when I slap a bit of this on with my twists and leave it on overnight, by the next day my hair feels moisturised, smooth and my curls are a lot more defined.
The smoothie and the gel souffle contain the same ingredients however the textures are very different, with the smoothie resembling a lightly whipped shea butter. You only need a tiny amount for each section and it’s also great for moisturising the scalp.
To top up your curls on the go, you can also mix a bit of the smoothie with some glycerin and water into a spray bottle and carry it around in your handbag. 🙂
Due to the success of these hair products, Shea Moisture have also branched out and created body products such as butters, body oils and shimmers as well as baby products as well. Even though the range is “directed” towards those with curly/kinky/afo hair, it’s really suited towards all hair types though it will suit those who have naturally curly or afro hair. For reference, my hair type is between type 4b and 4c with a low porosity and naturally dry.
I would definitely recommend using the Shea Moisture products. As a new “natural hair newbie”, I’m still experimenting with different brands and ingredients for my hair however Shea Moisture is definitely up there when it comes to moisture and ingredient content. The stand-out product for me has to be the conditioner and it is definitely something that I will be restocking!
I bought everything about at Walgreens for about $8 each, however you can purchase all the products above in the UK at the following website here .
Have you used any products from Shea Moisture and what did you think about them?


August 4, 2013


Review | Shea Moisture Hair Care

  1. Yay, was patiently waiting and you didn't disappoint, thanks.

    Ok now the shampoo and conditioner were my two eyes on products, I'm always on the look out for that good shampoo for hair that doesn't strip and even some without SLS I find quite drying for my hair during my weekly washes. I think down the line I will get these and try them out (oh haircare cannot be straight forward)

    The masque I love too, got that after reading your review, well as you've seen my video, I really massage it into my scalp and then work on my ends. It's a gorgeous masque.

    Now I was hmmm and umming over the gel or smoothie and I too have seen negative reviews online and really my hair has never worked well with most gels, only Aloe Vera. The smoothie I agree, when I put it in my hair to dry normally, some bits are crispy like they are ready to snap and break – nah uh, it's great for an overnight twist out – agreed. How good does the hair smell though?!

    Oh em gee, just Shea Moisture just play with my heart!!!!

  2. Shea Moisture is on my list of things to try. The Deep Treatment Masque looks awesome. Wonderful review x

  3. Viviask says:

    Excellent review! I definitely want to try this now. I've so far tried the Pro Naturals Hair Repair System and it works so well too, I recommend it.

  4. Viviask says:

    Excellent review! I definitely want to try this now. I've so far tried the Pro Naturals Hair Repair System and it works so well too, I recommend it.

  5. I kust started usimg the Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter&Argan Oil soap on ne & my daughter,andI love it!!!! I pkan on using the hair line soo but right now,my pickets can't afford it,lol.

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