As you guys probably know, I’ve been trying to grow back my natural hair for the past year and a half now. Before this, I used to use chemical relaxers which, while they “relaxed”/straightened my locks and made it easier to manage, they were also doing a lot of harm by stripping the hair of its natural oils and in turn making it very dry and unhealthy!

I decided to embrace my natural thick curly afro hair and while transitioning from straight to curly, I realised that the key for my type of hair was moisture and a lot of it. My hair loves natural ingredients and so I was so excited when I was approached to try some products from Curl Harmony*!
Based in the UK, Curl Harmony’s curl-loving products contain loads of natural ingredients that are great for your hair and are designed to strengthen and moisturise your curls. 

Curl Harmony Buttercream

“Curl Harmony Buttercream is a mixture of exotic natural butters and nourishing oils to condition, soften and provide gloss. Use sparingly to reduce frizz and add shine.”
I used the buttercream to seal my braids once I finished twisting them with the curl reviver. Because the buttercream contains a lot of moisturising agents, (Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Vitamin E Oil), less is definitely more. This did make my curls shine, however I did experience a bit of frizz but nothing to be worried about. The consistency is very rich and smells amazing! I’ll definitely be using this when I need a bit of shine through my hair and I can’t wait to use it as a hot oil treatment too. 

Curl Harmony Curl Reviver

Use Curl Harmony Curl Reviver daily to rejuvenate your curls. Enriched with Avocado Butter, Kokum Butter and Coconut Butter to provide moisture to calm frizzing and leave her looking fabulous every day. Suitable for all curl types.”
I used the curl reviver to do my braid out (below). I used a 5p amount of product and worked it into each braid, then left it overnight. Less is more for this product as too much can make the hair look rather greasy but I love how defined my curls look! The reviver contains loads of moisturising agents such as Kokum, coconut and avocado butter to lock in the moisture and keep my coils looking tight all day.
Overall I’m so happy with how my hair responds to the products. My hair feels shiny and very moisturised and I’ll definitely be looking into more products within the Curl Harmony range!
See below for more photos.

The Curl Reviver (60ml)/£4.50 and Buttercream (60ml)/£4.95 are available on the Curl Harmony website here

Product added when hair was wet.

After, all dried out!

Have you used Curl Harmony products before?


February 12, 2013


Curl Harmony: Curl Reviver & Buttercream

  1. Epiphannie says:

    I LOVE the buttercream product man, it gives me life. I actually want to buy loads of sample versions and store them for future uses

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