I feel as if I haven’t bought a lipstick for years, so when I came across the new Bourjois Rouge Edition lipsticks in Boots the other day, I had to snap a couple up as I had read so many good reviews about them.

The collection is available in 18 shades ranging from neutrals and corals to hot pinks and reds, so there should be a colour out there for everyone! I chose Fuchsia Graffiti (up, left) and Violine Strass (up, right). 

 Fuchsia Graffiti

Fuchsia Graffiti is an electric blue fuchsia pink that is extremely similar to MAC’s Girl About Town; a killer colour for those who aren’t afraid of colour! It has a slight sheen and pearl to the finish, which worried me for a sec as I’m not the biggest fan of “pearl” finishes, however, the application was flawless. The colour is rich and intense and would suit those with both cool and warm skin tones. For reference, my skin is warm toned (red).
Top: Fuchsia Graffiti, bottom: Girl About Town. 
Fuchsia Graffiti.

Violine Strass

Violine Strass is a slightly blackened, deep plum colour with golden pearly hints. I don’t know about anyone else, but the colour comes out different on my lips than what is in the tube. It’s a gorgeous colour that glides onto the lips very easily and does last for about 4 hours before it dries out to a nice stain. On my lips, the colour comes out slightly pinkish, so I guess it depends on the person or your tone!

Can we just take a minute to stop and appreciate my eyebrows though?! I’m trying to achieve the same brows that Cara Delevingne has – I love that woman! Anyhoo…where was I?
As much as I like Violene, I was expecting the colour to come out a lot deeper on my lips – but no matter! I will definitely be checking out more of the colours in the collection as they really are gorgeous.
The collection is now available in Boots and Superdrug. Now I hear that they retail at £7.99, however I got mine for £5.99 in Boots so maybe they have gone down? Good times!
Have you bought any of the collection?


February 24, 2013


Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick: Fuchsia Graffiti x Violine Strass

  1. sharon p says:

    beautiful shades u picked&im in love with ur hair. I picked up rouge buzz#10 looks like mac lady danger hehe they r lovely

  2. Yolandaas says:

    gorgeous shades and AGAIN, love ur hair!! it suits u so well.. xx

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