Lately, I’ve been trying to save up as it’s been one of my hopes for the longest time to do a bit of travelling next year. When it comes to saving and budgeting though, I’m one of those people that, if it’s not written down, I won’t follow it and so I came across Spendometer which is a free app on the iPhone that helps you budget your money. I’ve been using the app for about two months now and it’s already saved me so much!
There are several options when opening up the app. You can choose to either budget monthly or weekly, put in your monthly or weekly spending budget and then under the ‘category limits’ tab, put the amount of money you spend for each option.
Food Shopping – £20
Travel – £20
Clothes – £40
Misc – £20
Once you have input your maximum budget to spend for that week or month, the spendometer will monitor how much you spend on each option and will warn you when you have gone over. For instance, if you go to the off-licence and buy a carton of milk, you would open up the app and type in £1.10 (the calculator opens as soon as you open the app). It will ask you what group to place the milk in ( food shopping) and record it.
 There’s even an option for when you’re on a night or day out. You simply tell the app how much you’ll be taking out to spend, then once you come home, you input how much you spent and amount will become part of your budget allowance. At the end of the week or month, the app will give you a report telling you how much you have saved, where you went over and tips on how to improve for next time. 
The app reminds me of one of those calorie counting apps and has definitely made me a lot more conscious as to how I spend my money and the type of garbage I used to spend it on before lol!
Don’t forget to check out the Money Supermarket website, where they are currently holding an amazing phone competition!
What are your favourite money saving apps?


November 12, 2012


MoneySupermarket's Top Apps '12 | Spendometer!

  1. I have been crazy about watching what I spend lately and this will seriously help!! I am downloading! x

  2. sharon p says:

    Fab idea I likey!

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