I’m back again for the next instalment of the Tans for Women of Colour project!
This week, I have another one of Make Believe’s products from their ‘Enhance’ range called ‘Glow Tinted Moisturiser. 
As mentioned above, MakeBelieve’s ‘Enhance’ collection features products that are used to ‘enhance’ (heh) and naturally develop your tan and to create a radiant, smooth glow.
The product comes in a 30g tube and I’m seriously loving the colour scheme going on here also, brown and gold are one of my favourite colour schemes so it definitely caught my eye!
Here’s what the moisturiser looks like:
My thoughts:

First Impressions: To be honest, I was a bit surprised when I opened the tube as I definitely did not expect for the consistency to be so…thick. When I think of ‘moisturiser’, I think of a silky, double cream-ish texture that melts directly into the skin. However the texture of this moisturiser feels more like a concealer than anything else.
Usage: Another thing that stuck out to me was the colour. I know that this particular moisturiser probably isn’t intended for darker skin tones so I wasn’t expecting any miracles, but even when I tried to play around with it, my skin still ended up feeling and looking pasty and chalky, which ended up giving me that “freshly bleached” look. I found it hard to rub the moisturiser into my skin also, to the point where I just kinda gave up trying as it wasn’t soaking into my skin.
Wanting to make the best of it, I considered using the moisturiser as a highlighter for my brows and cupid’s bow. However using a tiny amount still make my skin very pasty and quite dry.
In conclusion, the tinted moisturiser did not work for me as I hoped it would; first being that it was way too light and second being that the texture is extremely thick. It would be great if they made tinted moisturisers for olive/darker skintones also, maybe then i’ll be temped to try it out!
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£15 for 30g from the MakeBelieve website
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What say you on tinted moisturisers?


October 4, 2012


Tans for WOC | MakeBelieve Enhance Tinted Moisturiser

  1. Epiphannie A says:

    Have to agree about the lightness of this product. The tint was just too strong

  2. Damn really come off ashy looking *sighs*

  3. Vicky Hoang says:

    maybe you can use it as a highlighter? 🙂


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