I like to think that I’m quite a bubbly, colourful person, *insert goof smile here* and so when buying accessories, I love to buy pieces which reflect my awesome-ness – so imagine my utter glee when whilst browsing ASOS one day, I came across these gorgeous neon coin purses and purses by American brand Candy Store. You’ll have to forgive me if I ramble; I’m so excited about this product!
Candy Store have a range of handbag accessories from coin purses to glasses cases and  have recently launched in the UK following a cult following in the US.
What Candy Store say:
Treat yourself to the sweetest ‘purse candy’ ever—Candy Store. The totally delicious handbag accessories devoted to function, fashion and fun. Designed in ultra-light, ultra-durable, eye-popping-bright Silicone, each style features a super-smooth texture, stainless steel frame and oversized ‘gumball’ closure. 
I mean I’ve always been a neon silicone typa gal, so I ordered an orange coin purse.
Look how pretty and bright it is! Gahh! The knobs look like bubblegum balls!
The purse is smooth to touch, easy to clean and can expand to fit all the coins. What I love most about the purse is the colour. It’s bright. Really bright. I just can’t get over the cuteness! Methinks this is the perfect summer addition to ones handbag. 🙂
There are also make-up pouches and purse mirrors in the line. They also have wallets available in 8 fruity colours.
I’ve definitely got my eye on that apple green wallet!
Accessories range between £9-£20 and is available from ASOS


July 19, 2012


Candy Store Silicone Accessories

  1. So cute!!
    I recently started a blog, I would really appreciate it if you would take a look, and possibly give me feedback as I'm a bit clueless when it comes to it lol and your one of my favourite bloggers
    Thank you!

  2. Sharon says:

    Great post,love the orange one

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