No particular reason why,I am just so in lust with him at the moment that I thought I would share. LOL
*sighs heavily*
ehem…anyway! Who are your pin-ups of the moment? *swoons*


June 24, 2012


Random: Here Are Some Photos of Michael Fassbender.

  1. Alice Barton says:

    Aww, he is gorgeous! Although I must say he looks much more sexy when he isn't smiling! Found your blog through @#bbloggers tonight, what a great way to "meet" bloggers! love it. happy to be your newest follower! xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

  2. Liliana Hunt says:

    That was the perfect post for a Sunday evening! A very gorgeous man! I am in lust with Jason Segel at the moment, that man can do no wrong in my eyes


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