When you see the words ‘anti-ageing’, what are the first things you think of?
“Oh I don’t need to think about using that stuff yet, I’m only 20 something”
“It’s stuff that old people use to make themselves look less old. Bleurgh!”
Lately, it’s been mentioned that we do need to start protecting our skin using anti-ageing products as early as 21, especially if you’re a fan of the sun/sunbeds. Now while 21 may seem a tad drastic, isn’t prevention better than cure? I know for me personally, I paid no attention to that section of skincare as I felt it didn’t apply to me…that is until I noticed a rather large gathering of spots around my lower cheek area (due to the current detoxing i’m doing…I hope. O_O) 
To celebrate the launch of REN’s Bio Retinoid Anti-Ageing Concentrate, REN Skincare, who recently won InStyle Magazine’s Best Beauty Buy 2012, are currently running a complimentary skin bar up in Selfridges, which is going on until the 31st of March. At this bar you can recieve a mini facial and a personal skin consultation ( plus a glass of champagne; result!)
You can choose from a cocktail of treatments below, then sit back and enjoy!

The Ultimate Ren Youth Elixir sounds really good, I think i’ll take a trip up West next week perhaps to try this out. I’ve heard of Ren and have always wanted to try out a few of their products.

Check out REN’s website here


March 17, 2012


REN's Pop Up Skincare Bar @ Selfridges!

  1. Thanks for this beautiful post on skin care. This will going to help me in curing my skin. thanks for the post. keep posting.

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