*I know I said I wasn’t going to blog for a few days due to my hand but I thought i’d write a bunch of blogs today and then release them throughout the week instead!*
As you guys know, I am the biggest fan of shea butter and I love waxing lyrical about its awesome qualities, so when I was sent L’Occitane’s Ultra Rich face cream, I was pretty excited to try it out! The last product I used by L’Occitane was their hand cream which I LOVED.
Contained in a beautiful glass jar, the cream is made up of 25% natural shea butter and its aim is to nourish extremely dry skin to protect it against dryness and climatic damage. 
The shea butter gives the cream a very ‘buttery’ and thick texture and sinks into my skin very easily, leaving my face supple and unlike loads of other creams, does not leave my skin feeling greasy.

It’s perfect for those with dry skin like me as the moisture lasts all day and is ideal as a base for make up. My skin feels a lot more even and tones. A little lasts a long way as it is quite concentrated and has a lovely light scent which to me, smells slightly like vanilla!
Because of the price tag, I would consider buying this product again as a little treat for myself once this one runs out. I consider it an investment buy!
£29.50 for 50ml – link
*This product was sent to me for consideration for review purposes – I have not been paid for this review !*


February 10, 2012


Review: L'Occitane Ultra Rich Face Cream (Part 1)

  1. Current time I'm using the Ultra Gentle Moisturiser just because my skin at the moment is breaking out but I have the Ultra Rich and of course I don't want to use that if I'm oily. Great review shall look forward to using it when my skin starts drying out lol 🙂 x

  2. Sharon says:

    This sounds amaze and definitely what my skin needs. Thanks for e review dear,so helpful x

  3. steph says:

    Thanks girls!

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