I received Lacoste Touch of Pink as a prize from the awesome Kaushal from Beauty Fulfilled and I must say that I love it already. Touch of Pink comes in sizes of 30ml, 50ml and 90ml at Boots and Superdrug and can be bought alone with in a gift set.
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I’m a big fan of perfume bottles and although not the most exciting packaging, I can see its pink ombre design being a bit hit with teenagers/young women.
When you first spray the perfume on, it has a strong fruity and sweet scent of blood orange with a hint of cardamom, which gives the fragrance a slight spiciness that compliments the orange note very well. The top notes, however, soon disappear and are replaced by a flower blend.
Despite the middle notes, jasmine and violet, being floral, the scent is not  too floral and sweet, which is something that really puts me off in a perfume. The drydown is musky and sweet: the vanilla note is very prominent and complimented by just a hint of musk.
The perfume is light which makes it suitable for daytime and perfect to wear in the summer. It’s not the most original fragrance on the market, but still it’s nice and would suit women of all ages.
Touch of Pink is an Eau De Toilette and that’s why the staying power isn’t very good. It only last 3-4 hours on me and I constantly need to reapply it throughout the day.

Have you used Touch of Pink?


January 23, 2012


Touch of Pink…

  1. Shade' ♡ says:

    I've tried it before and it's smells amazing!


  2. Sharon says:

    I have bought this twice,I love it used it in e spring/summer. Enjoy using it x

  3. Lovekiksy says:

    An old boyfriend gave me this for my birthday back in '09 and I loved it!!! Definitely something I'd buy again!!!

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