As I sit here watching The Lion King in my PJs I thought i’d just talk about a few things going on at the moment…random babble really!
  • I attended my Christmas office party on Friday. I REALLY didn’t want to, but I was threatened with losing my job if I didn’t (I knew they were joking but still..LOL). It was actually utterly hilarious! It was in a small pub in Tooting Bec and it was so wonderful and refreshing seeing all the consultants (I work at a hospital) letting their hair down and acting human for once!
Me and the team: Had to edit out my face. Sorry but I was hot and minging that night!
  • It’s Christmas next week, and our Christmas tree is still under the stairs. It’s like my family can’t even be bothered this year, LOL! We’ve got 16 family members coming this year so there’s a lot to be done! Which leads me onto my next point:
  • This sounds bad but sometimes when something good happens, i’d rather not tell anyone. For instance; I booked this coming week off as annual leave at work because I really need it (my job is extremely demanding and tiring 🙁 ) and so…maybe forgetfully, I told my mum this. Now, instead of having a nice few days to relax, she’s given me LISTS UPON LISTS of things for me to do, running around London buying gifts, prepping this and that…argggh! *sigh*
  • I received my GlossyBox last week, and I must say….THIS:
is absolutely AMAZING!! Rituals Shower Foam in Yogi Flow smells like awesomeness and candyfloss mixed with warm pajamas. I SWEAR. It contains Sweet Almond Oil and Indian Rose and is so luxurious that i’m going to be ordering another batch after this one runs out. 🙂
  • Who watches Eastenders? Doesn’t that Derek fella just creep you out? Such an amazing actor!
  • I finally finished wrapping all my Xmas presents; I think my mother turned out to be the lucky one this year. A plethora of presents for her. Cannot wait to see her face come xmas day!
  • I’m currently on the lookout for a really cute, colourful, kitsch notebook/idea book, but to no avail. With the exception of WHSmith or Paperchase, does anyone know any good stores or online shops where I can check out some cool notebooks?
That’s about it really! I’ve got a few blog posts coming up within the next week so that should keep us busy.
Hope everyone is having an awesome Sunday!


December 18, 2011


Sunday Babble.

  1. Sharon says:

    Lol,I wish we woulda seen ur face in e pic haha. Xmas is just a bit dull this year,aint bovvered@all

    Got family&friend invites but most likely will be jus me,e hubby&maybe e sis if she makes up her mind&sorts her shifts lol

    I know right that Derek freaks me out big tym even Yusef is becomin a big threat too

    Hope u get ur *to do * lists done as requested by ur mother hehe. Do u work in Tooting dear???

    Have a lovely evening x

  2. steph says:

    Yep I work at St Georges 🙂

  3. I didnt know you work now!?! Your face is blocked out! BOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! But so happy for you!!

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