Helloooooooooooooooooooooooo again!

So after two months, I’m back and hopefully i’ll be able to update regularly and things of that nature. I have missed blogging so MUCH.

BASICALLY…my laptop up and died. (RIP). I had it for about 5 years, that Sony Vaio was with me through the good and the bad times; coursework deadlines, Friday movie nights and all that jazz and now..it’s finally laid to rest.


ANYHOO i’m back with a brand new laptop; I would have bought another one earlier but after the stresses of my last one, I really wanted to take my time and research/test all the new ones on the market. Everyone kept telling me to opt for HPs and Samsungs but meh…they didn’t have the specifications I needed. Because I do photography, I needed a laptop with an extremely FAST processor (A tip: If you use photoshop/iTunes/other large applications and like to run them simultaneously, ALWAYS opt for a laptop with a processor of about 2 gHz or more. Expensive but worth it!!) and so I opted for the Acer Aspire 5733.

Not that fancy, all black everything, but it gets the job done. I hadn’t really heard of Acer before and so at first I was a bit concerned because I didn’t want anything “cheap”…but it’s actually an amazing machine! I opted for the Intel Core i3 processor which is the 2nd fastest one out there at the moment (with the i5 being THEE fastest) and an HD widescreen so I can see and work with my photos clearly!
My tips when choosing a new laptop
 – Like with any expensive item, the more you research, the better. You will be spending a lot of money on it so you want to make sure it lasts.
– Word of mouth is a powerful tool. Ask your friends and family how their experiences with their laptops have been. Remember to also visit computer/gadget forums and ask loads of questions.
-Don’t let the brand names fool you. Just because a laptop is well known, does not mean that it is of good quality. What works for some will not always work for your needs to remember to tailor the laptop specifications your work needs.
– A lot of a laptop’s price comes from the amount of space on the hard-drive. DO NOT LET THIS FOOL YOU. You can buy a laptop with a hard-drive of about 350gb and that will suit you just fine. If you ever need more, just buy an external harddrive; you can get 500-750gb hard-drives for about £40 in most electrical stores. 
– If you own a blog or if you are a photographer/designer etc, aim for a fast processor. Intel Core i5 and i3 are two of the fastest out right now. Also, anything over 1.7 gHz is very good as it allows you to run multiple applications at the same time without it slowing down or crashing.
Do you guys have any tips?
Tis good to be back!


October 2, 2011


Back for the second time…+ Laptop tips

  1. Steph says:

    glad your back, and glad to hear the new 'puter is working well (i also just got an ugly all black one, but so far so good…guess it is to inspire us to put pretty things on the screen!).

  2. Richard says:

    nice information I like it.

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