The irony of this song title.

Horrendous dancing aside, I just thought I’d post this video as I’ve always LOVED Nicola Roberts and her style; she’s been my favourite one out of Girls Aloud for ages and next to Nadine, she has an exceptionally strong/soulful voice (even though it has not been utilised in this song)….and I just adore her hair. I was pleased to hear that she would be coming out with a solo record.

The song is just Awesome!!

Produced by ‘(Girls) Run The World’ producer Diplo, the song has EVERYTHING; a catchy, repetitive hook/chant, an awesome beat breakdown during the chorus and bright, shiny neon dancers. Lmao!
What do you think??


June 3, 2011


Nicola Roberts – Beat of my Drum

  1. Never heard of her–but great song!

  2. Domzy says:

    I really don't like this. I dunno, I just can't get with it I guess. And you're absolutely right, the dancing is indeed horrendous!

  3. the dancing… burned my eyes!!! XD

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