Hey guys! I thought I would introduce a new segment to my blog called ‘Back to The Drawing Board’. In this segment I will be talking about specific items that are frankly so rubbish that I wonder how they got through the production line inspection. In regards to the title, I was also thinking about ‘Return to Sender’…but that seems a bit harsh doesn’t it? (Jeeze, don’t hold back Steph x_x).
The star of today’s pilot episode is the new Accessorize ‘With Love’ Bronzing Block 1.
Ohh bronzing block, how do I hate thee? Let me count the ways;
  • Let’s gloss over the obvious fact that it took its shape from Benefit’s kitsch blush kits (since everyone’s kinda doing that these days), sure, the design on the front with all the butterflies and stuff is quite nice..no worries so far…
  • Once the box is opened, you see the bronzer/blush and it comes with a little plastic blusher brush (not pictured) that contained synthetic hair – It has no effect whatsoever.
  • The product is not packaged well at all. Maybe it was just MY one, but the interior of the blush seems quite rushed and you can see the gaps around the edges of the box where the glue has probably come off (bear in mind, we aren’t expecting pristine quality from a high store brand but for £7..come on!)

  • I actually like the little mosaic/marbled effect here, it’s pretty cute. HOWEVER, let’s just get right down to the meat and potatoes, shall we??
Ignore that stray hair…NO idea how it got there tee hee!

I mean…really? I don’t know who Accessorize hired to oversee this area of production; maybe they were having a bad day/broken up with a S/O/had a hangover/blind I don’t know..BUT..this is just a shambles. I’m sure you could find better quality at pound land!

No pigmentation whatsoever…it’s basically coloured chalk. I had to swatch this about 6 times just for it to show up on camera and when I did swatch it on my cheek with makeup on, I looked like something out of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I don’t mean to be so harsh, but in my opinion, this product is quite terrible and Accessorize need to go back to the office and rethink a few things.
-2 / 5
What do you guys think?
Have you used this bronzer/blush before?
Am I being too harsh?
Let me know your thoughts!


June 13, 2011


Back To The Drawing Board: Accessorize 'With Love' Bronzing Block.

  1. Your guess is as good as mine…Not sure how these two match…Hmmmmmmmm

  2. Ach I feel really bad because I bought it as well and loved it. I switched the brush – you're right, it sucks… but when blended it goes so nicely on my skin. I'm super super fair so it gives me a really nice light bronzed look.

    I completely agree with you on it scamming off of Benefit though!


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