Yesterday evening I attended my first bloggers’ event hosted by Benefit Cosmetics and co-hosted by the lovely Yinka from VexInTheCity! The event took place at the Benefit boutique in Covent Garden. The main aim of the event was the highlight the different ways in which using Benefit makeup could enhance women with darker skintones, as Benefit cosmetics do not have a strong reputation in regards to catering for darker skintones.

During the course of the evening, we had a short demonstation by make-up artist, Lisa Potter-Dixon, who showed us how to tint and wax eyebrows using willing volunteer, Sharon!

She then used some of Benefit’s products, such as ‘Dr Feel Good’ (A mattifying primer. I have it and it’s really good!) and a new blusher entitled ‘Bella Bamba’.

The blusher is peachy with multi-dimentional flecks of glitter and would be great for a night on the town! I think i’ll be picking this up soon. It’s a wonderful shade. 🙂

Benefit also unleashed a new spring/summer entitled ‘Finding Mr. Bright’, which includes miniature versons of ‘pearl about Town’, ‘posie tint’, ‘erase paste’ and ‘moon beam’ and will be available online from this Friday.

Throughout the evening, I met some wonderful bloggers, both old and new and everyone was so lovely! I think it would have been a bit better if the evening was more about the different looks for darker and asian skinned tones; it seemed like all the tips given were extremely general. We also were given a goody bag which will come up in my next post. 🙂

Some more photos!

Brit Pop Princess getting her eyebrows tinted.
Zara from MoudlyFruit swatching away

 Imo from ItsALondonThing getting her eyeliner done.

 Wande from wandesworld cheesing!

 Zara (Mouldyfruit)  and Amina from Innerbelle


Had a great time overall and met some wonderful people!


March 2, 2011


Benefit Cosmetics Masterclass Event (Heavy Photo post)

  1. Imo says:

    I LOVE your camera! u got some great shots lady! Lovely meeting u yday x x

  2. steph says:

    Haha thanks love! ws brill! xx

  3. it was great to meet you yesterday, soo love your camera

  4. yemi says:

    you look ridicously alike to my sister! liek serious. Glad you had a good time!

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