To be honest, I’ve never really understood the concept of a ‘tinted moisturiser’. Is it a foundation? Is a face cream? So after finding out that E.L.F have released a new tinte moisturiser, I thought I’d take a look-see as at £3.50, i’m not taking that much of a risk.
It arrived the next day and this is what it looks like:

I purchased ‘expresso’ which is supposed to be for people ‘with dark skin with yellow and red undertones’- sounded about right for me because my face has red undertones. So the package arrives, I swatch it on my hand and…
Umm…Is it just me, or does this look at least 2 shades lighter than my skin? I will give this is the benefit of the doubt as my wrist has yellow undertones and will reserve judgement until I use it on my face. Although I’m feeling kinda apprehensive in regards to putting this all over my face. =/
(you can definately see where i’ve blended it in. Hmm)
I shall reserve judgement until its on my face. For now, i’ll give it a C-
Has anyone else tried this?


February 26, 2011


E.L.F SPF 20 Tinted Moisturiser…Umm..

  1. Sankofa says:

    I really wanted to purchase this too but I wasn't sure what it would like on my skin. I'm not too keen on "one size fits all" for products for black people. Please do a follow-up on what it looks like on your face.

  2. steph says:

    I deinfately will! E.L.Fs products are not varied at ALL. I tried it on my face and I look extremely pasty and far too light for me so I think i'll use a bit of it to mix into my normal liquid foundation instead.

    In the meantime i'll be posting the look on my face soon. Thanks for reading!

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