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I have been an avid consumer of Neal’s Yard products for nearly two years now and so I was ecstatic when I was asked to review a couple of their products. Read below:

Neal’s Yard Orange Flower Facial Wash
Neal’s Yard Orange Flower Facial Polish 
Neal’s Yard Organic Beauty Oil
 I recieved the products a couple of weeks ago and so my review is based on using the product twice a day for two weeks. My reveiw will be honest as always and has not been influenced. 🙂
Orange Flower Facial Wash – £14.80 for 100ml
“Gently cleanses dry or neglected skin. Containing Orange flower and mandarin oil to cleanse without drying the skin”
My skin type is dry and so I was happy to try out the facial wash to see if there would be any improvement. The facial wash arrived beautifully wrapped in light blue sugar paper to protect the glass bottle. The wash is non-foaming and so it felt more like a lotion than anything else. Unlike previous face washes I have used, this face wash did not dry or flake out my skin after use and i’ve noticed that my skin appears MUCH brighter!
Notable Ingredients:
Sunflower seed oil
Jojoba oil
Marigold Flower extract
Aloe Vera
Ylang Ylang  
Orange Flower Facial Polish – £14.80 for 100ml *THOROUGHLY RECOMMENDED*
“Gentle natural exfoliants combined with moisture rich honey and replenishing orange flower oil to reveal beautifully soft and radiant skin.”
Now, I’ve used this product before and it goes without saying that this is one of the best products I have ever used. Definately a wonder product! 
The polish has a fine grained consistency (kinda resembles oatmeal) and when squeezing it out, some of the orange flower oil comes out seperately too – for some reason, I really love that; it kinda cements its natural authenticity. 
I always tend to use this product more when I can feel a spot appearing on my face and every time this has happened and I have reacted using the facial polish, the spot always disappears at least 2 days after.
So much so that i’ve recommended this to my Mother and she loves it too and is now onto her 2nd bottle!
My face always feels very cleansed and moisturized after use and has definately become a permanent component in my daily facial regimen!
 Notable Ingredients:
Jojoba Oil
Shea Butter
Grapefruit Oil
Mandarin Oil
Aloe Vera 
Organic Beauty Oil – £13.75 for 200ml
“This supplement will help improve skin, hair and nails with a combination of hemp, flax, avocado and evening primrose oil.” 
This works a lot like your standard Cod Liver Oil suppliment and there really isnt’ that much of a difference apart from a few more vitamins included. The taste is…to be honest, rather ghastly, and so I prefer to spread the oil over my food; salads, stews, soups etc and it still does the same job, minus the oily taste!
My hair feels a lot stronger, as well as my nails and so I will continue to take it for a couple more weeks to see if it has had any effect! Ingredients below:
 Have any of you used any of Neal’s Yard products?
What would you recommend??
Stephie xxx 🙂

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January 8, 2011


Neal's Yard Review !

  1. Imo says:

    I love their palmarosa face wash

  2. Natalie Kay says:

    I used to work for Neal's Yard for 2 years, I loved it! I def recommend one of the facial oils such as the Orange Flower facial oil or for a budgeted option the Jojoba oil, they are both dry oils so they moisturise without leaving grease on the face!
    Fantastic blog!

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