Hey guys!
I thought i’d do a little post about the contents in my bag. I’ve seen loads of bloggers and vloggers do this and its really interesting (albeit voyeuristic LOL). I was going to do a video, but my camera up and died, so without further ado:

Tan Satchel: Primark £9
It’s always full to the brim! Murder on the old shoulders =(
1.I always read two books at the same time. I have no idea why, but i’ve been doing it for quite some time now, LOL! #Weirdo
2.I’m tryna be a bit healthy these days, so I carry around a 1.5litre bottle of the clear stuff for hydration.
3. Cleansing wipes! For ALL types of emergencies. Primark: 70p  =)
1. Faux snake-skin purse. Primark: £5 (I LOVE this purse! It’s bright pink inside…quite tacky, but its part of the reason i love it. LMAO)
2. Black Pashmena and dusty pink mittens. Primark: £5 (Which I hardly use. Mittens are quite impractical i’ve come to find. =/)
3. A black comb for touchups.
4. My spectacle case. 😎
1. I carry my SLR at all times, you never know when a Kodak moment comes a’knocking!- Canon 1000d.
2.Molton Brown hand Cream – £10
3. E.L.F. Lipstain in “Natural” – £1.50
4. Oxfam Peppermint lipbalm – 3.00
5. MAC Lipstick in Sinister – £12
6. Chanel no.5 Eau De Parfum – £40
7. Optrex eyedrops (i’m an insomniac =tired eyes!) – £3.00
What are your everday bag must-haves??


November 8, 2010


What's In Stephanie's Bag?!

  1. Barbara says:

    haha this is great i love being nosey

  2. Iamsassychic says:

    Never mind what's in the bag!! The bag was 'ow much from Primak…I was thinkin' it was warehouse or somthing lol…see i'm such a snob lol thanks for sharing I could never do that I have so much rubbish in my bag!

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