While i’m not really that much of a Topshop person (gorgeous clothes but their sizes are TINY ¬_¬), I ADORE their shoes and often frequent their shoe departments in both the flagship and general stores. What with the recent weather changes, Topshop are promoting their new lines of boots; from Thigh, to Ankle and from Hiking to Chelsea and I must say that I am extremely impressed!

There are so many different styles to choose from, both in-store and online and if you are a student (College or University) you get 10% off purchases. Result!
Lawd, my bank account is really going to suffer this season, LOL. Here are some of my favourite styles for Winter/Christmas:

£85 (These are GORGEOUS!!)

Visit Topshop’s Boot Section for more styles!


October 20, 2010


Boot Camp @ Topshop

  1. Black Crayon says:

    *Drools* The second boots are HOT!! But the price tag isn't lool….
    I actually saw a pair similar to that in Islington for £25

    Anyways, make sure to check my blog too!

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