Now, i’m not one to wear makeup all the time, especially everyday, but today the weather has been beautiful and so I thought I would make the effort and actually put on some makeup which was not ‘neutral’ for once.
Because I am quite dark, i’ve always been a bit scared of using bold colours such as pinks and reds, however since its Spring, I thought i’d go all out and show you my step-by-step on how i achieved this look! So here we go:


 First, I slather my face in primer by E.L.F to minimize my pores.
Ok here we go…My naked face. O_O !!
All primed up.
Next, I apply concealer using MAC’s Cover-Up in NC-50:
Next up is the foundation:
And highlighter (Contour Kit by Sleek):
After my face is all foundationed up, i then use a neautral eyeshadow to cover my whole lid (Eyeshadow by Victoria Jackson):
I then use my Sleek Palette to do my eyeshadow. (I use a small brush to do this because I have a hooded eye, which means my crease is EXTREMELY low (see eye pic above)
I then use my cream eyeliner by elf:
And then pop on some mascara, which leaves moi like this:
Next, I use MACs ‘Ambering Rose’ Blusher, along with my 116 brush:
Next i use one of my FAVOURITE lipsticks, MAC’s ‘Lustre Most Popular’ from the Hello Kitty collection.
And taaa-daaaa!
Hopefully i’ll be wearing more colour out these days!


April 24, 2010


My Step-By-Step *Spring* Face! *VERY PIC HEAVY*

  1. *LilBiuty* says:

    Hi Stevie!
    Love the whole look! Just wondering how do you like the MAC concealer that you use. I'm still looking for the perfect one lol.
    Also don't think that beacuse you have dark skin you can't wear bright colors. I'm an NC50 as well and I always wear some sort of color either on my lips or the eyes. Just have fun with it.
    And finally my hubby thanks you for adding something else to my very long wishlist (Ambering Rose blush) lol.
    Oh and Most Popular is also my absolute favorite MAC lipstick! Even have a backup lol.

  2. Your makeup looks absolutely fantastic!!! I'm going to bookmark this page so I can use it as a reference guide for the next time I have to go out and prep my face : )

    well after this, I should think nothing of falling down the stairs

  3. Misha says:

    Love the look. Usually use a gold/coppery tone aswell when i use reds, like the one you used, myself.

    for some odd reason, blogger want show your latest posts.hmm….


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