So. Inbetween moaning about Valentines day and…moaning about Valentines day, I thought i’d have a little fun:
This is my Avatar!
Just something I randomly did for fun LOL!
If ya want one hit me up because it was quite fun to make lmao.
I’ve changed my Twitter name. Now its 
Plz follow! I’m like…fun and stuff. LOL.


February 15, 2010



  1. IgboBaby says:

    Lol, that's pretty cool!

  2. Princesa Livia says:

    Oh, this looks awesome 🙂 And I need your email address for paypal xx

  3. Naina Sethi says:

    I like your blog ! you have talent 🙂

    I write for a fashion blog and think that you should follow

  4. T-Charry says:

    oooooh, I like it! You're a PRETTY Avatar chica! and by the way, MY SONG is playing on your site…Amerie Remix, "Why Don't We Fall In Love"…LOVE HER!

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