At the moment I am doing the ‘Green Tea’ diet, where I drink nothing but Green tea and eat a lot of fruit and vegetables and so far it has been going well! But I want to see if i can go a step further and really challenge myself, so i thought I would do a Valentines Day challenge, which consists of the following;
1. From the 1st of February, I have until Valentines Day to lose 10lbs
2. Drink absolutely nothing apart from water and green tea
3. No Sugar
4. To work out everyday
5.No carbs after 8pm
Do i think I can do it?
I have no idea as i’ve never done anything like this before, so It should be fun!
I shall be documenting the weightloss via a little weightloss tracking thingy over there ->>>>
Who’s with me???


January 28, 2010


Valentine's Day Challenge!

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