Happy New Year guys!!!!
I hope everyone has had a grrrreat holiday and may 2010 be a great year for you all!
I think 09 was one of the worst years of my life Lmao so i’m really hoping that this year goes a bit better!
Anyhoo, on Boxing day, the sales began (YASS!!) and so I acquired a bit of a haul, of which I shall post pics of:
Sleek Mineral Based Eyeshadow Palette in ‘Sunset 568’ – £4.99
Sleek Face Contour Kit in ‘Dark’ – I believe was around £3.50
MAC Mineralize Blusher in ‘Love Thing’ – £17.00
MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC50 – £12.50
Now…After I left the MAC stand..i thought to myself..Did i just spend £17 on a blusher? But then the guilt soon faded when i remembered it wasn’t my own money I was spending 😀

Collection 2000 Magi-Length Mascara in black – £2.99

(Swatched) Collection 2000 Eye Palette in ‘Angelic’ £2.99 

Gosh Lipstick in ‘Kitch’ – £6.00
I shall demonstrate all these products on my face when I have the time!
I am looking for an eyeshadow palette which only contains different shades of brown/dark gold..can anyone recommend any brands which supply this?
Hope you like my haul!
Stephanie xx


January 1, 2010


Two Faaasand & Ten & Haul

  1. Shirley says:

    Great haulings you have here m'dear! Those C2000 palette swatches look soo good, might just have to pop in to Superdrug tomorrow! haha

    Hope you had a good new year! 🙂


  2. ~Lisa says:

    Yay for 2010! Great haul there, I want to try Sleek but it's not available here. At least GOSH is =D

  3. pOokie says:

    Soo…I want them eyeshadowssssss….& I did find a few that have darker pallets you know, i'll get the same & give it to you x

  4. Naka says:

    omg i want >.<

    hope 2010 is a great year for u :3

  5. steph says:

    thanks guys!! <3

  6. Rai says:

    Happy New Year's! 🙂

    Lovely haul. I want to try Sleek.
    And that MAC blush is soooo pretty. I don't own a MAC blush yet. :/

  7. With Love, Elle says:

    i want the face contour too~
    happy new year! xoxo elle

  8. I got almost all the Sleek eye palettes. There good only annoying thing is when the eyeshadow cracks and messes up the whole ting. That was only one of my palettes tho.


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