You like??? I’m still getting used to this eyeshadow thing.
Any criticism/tips are GREATLY appreciated!!


January 6, 2010


Experiment: Sunrise…Sunset

  1. Supastarrr says:

    the 2nd look is my favorite!
    i love the color scheme in the 1st one.
    keep it up! =)

  2. With Love, Elle says:

    gold n blue? brilliant!

    xoxo elle

  3. T-Charry says:

    looove the 2nd look, I'd rock that…i LOVE warm colors!

  4. Amandita says:

    I love this.. really cool = )

  5. HD says:

    Wow. I'd like any woman desperate enough to date me to wear that every now and then (lol just being stupid). No overdoung it though.

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