Hiya guys!
This is just going to be a quick post.
I have 100 followers..yay!
Thank you to everyone who visits my blog, i really appreciate it!
If you have any suggestions over what content you would like to see, please hit me up in the comment section!!
Also i’ve been thinking about getting a tongue peircing!
I’ve watched dozens of youtube videos with people getting it done, and it looks rather harmless…HOWEVER,
I have a low pain threshold so I am a bit nervous!
Do any of you have tongue piercings?
If so…what was the procedure like, how painful is it and what are the side effects?


January 2, 2010


100 Followers, Yay!! + Tongue Piercing?!

  1. Naka says:

    one of my friends got his lip pierced and it got froze and made nmb with this special spray and then pierced so it didn't hurt.

    Ppl i knoe that have had their tongues pierced just normally have a swollen togue for a couple of days but didnt complain of pain :3

    hope i've helped. I'm tempted to get an industrail and get my lip pierced:p

  2. I got a tongue piercing. I won't lie it hurt like a bitch. lol. The only good thing is it's over in seconds. I was eating within minutes.

    U shld get it done.


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