Introduciiiiiiiiiiing Steph Jones! 
I’ve mentioned him on the blog a while back, but his Mixtape is..FINALLY out and I implore all of you to download it now!! Steph is a free spirited Southern gentleman from Texas who is incredibly down to earth (check his youtube channel ) and who has gathered an extremely large cult following both on and offline.
The reason I like steph is because not only is he an amazing, talented artist, he is also extremely humble and funny! He makes countless Youtube videos and always makes time to chat to his Frands (Fans + Friends) and you don’t see a lot of entertainers doing that a whole lot so I think it makes a pleasant change from the media trained artists today who won’t do jack for their fans.
I had the pleasure of meeting him briefly and watching him perform in London early on this year and his live performances are so full of energy and I love the fact that he engages the audience to participate.

Me and Steph!! 😀

Steph Jones is by far different to any other male singer out today. His music is a blend of Rnb, Alternaltive and pop and his vocals are very different to the ‘Trey Songz and Neyo’s’ of the music industry. Steph cites Chris Martin from Coldplay, John Mayer and Andre 3000 as some of his inspiration and you can definately hear the influences on the Mixtape. All the songs have that ‘feel good’ factor and it’s the type of music where you just can’t help but sing along to, Im SO addicted to it!! Not since ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’ have I been able to listen and love every track on an album and reason i love it is because Steph’s music just makes you feel good and is relatable!! This is what I call, REAL Music..and it’s deffo making a comeback!
Download the mixtape here
To find out more about Steph, add him on Myspace ,
Visit his website or
Add him on Twitter where he gives direct info on upcoming projects and shares a random story or two lmao! He really is hilarious though!
Now I shall leave you with a couple of his videos that I love, the first is a vid of him prank calling Jordin Sparks and one of his producers (check out the white girl voice LMFAO i DIED)

And this is another one of him singing my favourite song off his Lifetape, ‘Southern Love’


November 9, 2009


Steph Jones' Lifetape – Gravity

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