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So New Moon fever is finally here!! I was a little late getting into the books (having finished the 4th, DISAPPOINTING book only a few months ago) But i am definately feeling the ‘Twilight’ fever!
Last Wednesday night I went to go and watch the Midnight screening at my local Cinema..and all i can say is that it is an AMAAAAAZING movie! OMG the eye candy!! Edward was looking especially gorgeous in this movie if i do say so myself, but Jacob?!?
I am definately on Team Jacob. He was so sweet and adorable and TOLERANT of that bitch Bella. Say what you want but I hate that slag. Jacob has been treated like crap throughout most of the book and he’s still such a considerate, sweet guy. 
I was watching the movie and I was so shocked because i realised how much I could relate to the storyline: A girl falling in love with a heartless, cold, dead, non-human and him leaving her..LMAO. At least she had jacob by her side….I want a Jacob!!
Where’s my Jacob?!
Lmao, on a whole I loved the movie and I LOVED the ending. When the movie ended, everyone in the cinema booed and hissed. I know a lot of people thought “WTF is that it?” but I thought it was absolutely perfect.
What did you think? What were your favourite parts?


November 23, 2009


New Moooon

  1. rae_rae says:

    I have to say, I am on team edward, and this is the reason why. Yes Jacob is sweet and all them things, and a great friend to Bella, but the whole point is that Edward and Bella can't live (i use the term loosely0 without each other. Jacob didnt imprint on Bella, therefore meaning that he wasn't meant to be with her and so there is not reason to be on his team because it will never happen!!!

  2. steph says:

    omg oh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah i forgot about the imprinting thing you know. Come to think of it..eww@him imprinting on a baby though O_O lmao!

  3. Ava's Wonderland says:

    overall the whole movie was great especially the Jacob scenes, need i say more. Yeah i'm definately on team jacob AND i'm glad to hear that i'm not the only one that thinks Bella is shit.

    Mrs. Lautner 😉

  4. Viva La Fashion says:

    loved new moon! 🙂 and how could you watch that movie and not be team jacob? hmmmm…. 🙂

    anyway, i loved the part when bella falls off her motocyle and jacob takes of his entire shirt. hahaha. 😀

  5. steph says:

    YASSSS! I LOVED that part LMFAO every girl in the theatre swooooooned when that part came on lmao!!

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