Celine and I in our afternoon Jurisprudence lecture.
Celine: Hey Steph, you wanna come out tonight? Jeremih is performing.
Me: Ummm, yeah probably, sounds good.
(4 hours later)

Celine: Hey Steph, what time you coming round? I’m driving.
Me: I’ll get there around 9:30
Celine: Alright cool, see you in a bit!
(Phone convo ends)
I’m now at Celine’s house, and the 7 of us are getting ready for a supposedly GREAT night out at our local nightclub, Oceana. There’s makeup and hairspray all over the apartment, drinks are getting drunk already, and I’m sitting on Celine’s bed wondering how one person can use SO MUCH hairspray/mousse in their hair.
(She just kept piling on the spray!!)
We finally reached the venue at midnight. Now, i’m not good at walking in heels for that long, so after about 45 minutes standing in the line, i VERY pissed off and in pain. We then started taking photos outside to pass the time:
(see the pissed face I have on? Yeah)
So my friend sees some of her friends loitering outside the line and we try to get them to stand near us, but too late, the security guy spots us and we get kicked out of the line!! The guy was soooo mean ¬_¬. Anyhoo a few of us manage us to get back in the line and we head inside to the venue.

After about an hour in there, I got into an altercation with a couple of other people and lets just say, my heel broke!! So I had to go home =( So no Jeremih that night. =(


October 10, 2009


The Night Out That Never Was: Picture Edition

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