So I finished reading this book last night…and well, colour me DISAPPOINTED! The most PREdictable book I have ever read. I was so disgusted by the ending! I got to the end and was like “wait..where’s the rest? Is that it???”

I want my money back! I don’t like happy endings in books! (Apart from Harry Potter lmao)



September 3, 2009


Breaking Dawn ¬_¬

  1. Viva La Fashion says:

    isn't it the worst book in the series. i mean i was not into the weird mutant human vampire or the pedofilia displayed by jacob. it was just weird. :/

  2. steph says:

    OOOOOOOOMG i know right??!?! How could they end the series just like that? It took 4 books to build up the suspense..I was getting ready for a real vampire war/fight thing…but then they let them go like that?? Like wtf?
    And I don't like the way Bella took so easily to becomming a vampire and the way her dad just easily accepted it…she should have built more on the transition from human to vampire…everything just seemed too easy. Smh! And as for Jacob…SMH I always knew he was a freak.

  3. Ro! says:

    haha finally someone who feels my pain! I was dubious about the whole series after New Moon-the whole Jacob pedo "imprinting" thing,killed it for me. Talk about anti-climax!

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