So i’m thinking of creating a beauty and make up blog in the next couple of months.
But i’m not sure yet.
I know that there are thousands of beauty blogs out there…so what would be the point making one? I’d have to make my one stand out somehow. Lmao.
When it comes to pampering products, i’m a real girly girl and i love trying and testing the latest scrubs, cleansers and exfoliators, especially anything by Lush because that is my favourite store ever (and i used to work there so i’m biased lmao)
But would it be worth making a blog about it?
Would anybody even read it?
Not a lot of people read this blog anyway so would it be worth putting in an effort to make another one?

Hmm maybe.

Any thoughts?

Steph xxxx


September 16, 2009


A beauty and Make Up Blog?

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