So some of the photos of Rihanna’s long anticiated Vogue Italia spread have hit the net. While I am not the biggest fan of Rihanna, I have to admit, she is giving me FIERCE in these photos! She is giving me EVERYTHING right now! She better work it.


August 31, 2009


Rihanna in Vogue Italia Shoot: Photos

  1. Ro! says:

    omg riri is KILLING IT! i lovvee herrr!
    thanks for the comment- FOTD/FOTN means Face of the day or face of the night! basically what make-up you're wearing etc. I never used to use primer but basically it's meant to give you a smoother more matte base to put your make-up so then it lasts longer!

    I feel you about the whole "proper" degree thing- thank goodness most of the people in my family are "creatives" alot of my friends are stuck in degrees they hate!

    sorry for the essay haha! great blog,you've got a new follower!

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