So as you may well know, I am a law student *groans* going into my 3rd and final year at my University. It’s an EXTREMELY difficult course, well for me anyway, because I am naturally more of a creative person than an academic, so why i chose Law, well i’ll save that for another blog post LOL, so anway, I had my exams coming up and when i say i was TENSE that month…it really was the real McCoy and so I wrote a little poem that kind of….explains how i feel about law in a way? I wrote this a few months ago and it’s kinda all over the place/not well structured, but whatever lol, tell me what ya think!

Legally Binding

She wakes up after a couple hours sleep
Too tired to drink, too tired to eat
She fixes her blouse and picks up her case
A stressful day ahead she must brace.

She gets to the city, all proper and prim
Her case full of notes, all full to the brim
She strides in the building, with her glasses intact
Thinking about how to solve this contract.

She sits in her office, Starbucks at the ready
8 voicemails left by her client called Eddie
She opens her draw and pulls out her blade
She’s tired of living her life in the shade.

“I coulda been something special” she cries
As she slowly begins to cut her thighs
She dreamt of becoming a mother and a wife
Yet here she is… a 19 hour day life.

She sleeps though her meetings and dozes through brunch
Still has plenty to do so there’s no time for lunch
She’s just been made Partner, can’t cope with the stress
Conferences and interviews and meetings with Press.

She drives home real late, feeling lonely and sad
Looks up at the portrait of her mum and dad
‘They must be so proud of me’ she softly sings
Ties a rope round her neck and down she swings.


August 22, 2009


My Poem: Legally Binding

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