So i had a bit of a lazy day today and decided I would experiment with the makeup I have…see what i could do really. I am TERRIBLE with makeup. I never really learned how to apply makeup, and didn’t really care since i hardly used it anyway, but i thought i’d have a little go and see what would happen lol.

For my inspiration, I used a photo ofthe beautiful Chrisette Michele, because I love the subtlety(sp? lmao) of her makeup and she has large round eyes like moi 😀

I also took some inspiration from the whole 50’s ‘pin up’ vibe. I love that era! Here is the finished result!

Check the VV Brown-ish hair haha! CLICK PIC FOR BIGGER VIEW

It’s only my first attempt but hey, I tried yall! I would take close ups but it’s just terrible up-close lmao!

MAC Studio Fix Foundation NW45
Estee Lauder Deluxe All Over Face Compact Blush

Loreal Double Extension Beauty Tubes
Go Eye Dust in No.19
Naturalites False Eyelashes by Eyelure
Miss Sporty Kohl Eye Pencil No.001 ‘Magic’
Covergirl Smoothers Eyeliner in 410 Expresso (brow liner)

Miss Sporty Lipliner Pencil in 005 ‘Congo’
Hello Kitty by MAC – Lustre Most Popular
Miss Sporty ‘Fabulous Gloss’ Wet Look Lip Gloss ‘020 St Tropez’

If anybody can offer me any tips or constructive criticisms for next time It would be greatly appreciated!

Steph xxx


August 9, 2009


Experimentation with Make-Up

  1. Miss.Stefanie says:

    Soooooooooo pretty!

  2. steph says:

    awww thanks hun!

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