Yesterday was GOOD TIMES. Wow. After I had taken the photos of the girl’s party, I danced the night away in that sweatbox of a living room. Normally I prefer going out to Bars rather than attending houseparties but yesterday’s party was “Liiiive!!!”. She was African so most of the music was dominated by Afro-Beats. There were so many guys there. Wooooow. Good Times. Good Good Times. :D. I randomly saw an olllllllld friend whom i hadn’t seen since Primary and he instantly recognized me which was a nice surprise lol!
Anyhoo, i’ll probably finish this later and add a couple of pics too. But for now I need to head to Tesco before they close so I can buy some blank CDs to transfer the birthday girl’s pis.

Cheerio for now. x


July 26, 2009


The Morning After The Night Before..

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