Sooooooooooooo i’ve been on this new regime of diet and exercise now for one month and a two days and you may as well call me disappointed.
I know that losing weight is a long process but DAMMIT! This shit is taking it’s time. I’ve only lost 3 pounds in a month and it is depressing me BIG time, but i’m not giving up this time. I NEEEEEED to do this. I have virtually no will power so this whole diet thing is a big thing for me. I swear i’ve tried every diet there is:

-The Cambridge Diet
-The Waterfall Diet
-The Green Tea Diet
-Hoodia Pills
-Alli Pills
-Appetite Suppressants (I used one which was AMAZING..I lost around 6 pounds a week, but I can’t find them anymore 🙁 )
-The Atkins Diet
-The South Beach Diet
-Adios Pills
-Appisat Pills
-The ‘Beyonce’ Diet (Which involves mixing lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup into a juice and drinking nothing but that for two weeks – This diet lasted exactly two days)
-Paul McKnenna’s Hypnosis Book

Whoo! Hell of a lot I know, but desperation is a bitch. This time I am determined. Anyone who knows me knows i am a fashion ADDICT. I love everything to do with fashion; it was once my dream to become a fashion stylist..but then i went to college and i have African parents and well…that’s another story altogether lmao but anyway, i’m sick and tired of buying Vogue and POP and Grazia magazines and seeing all these new clothing trends and beautiful clothes that i cannot wear…and even if i COULD, it would look hideous lol.
I know they say it’s good to love yourself regardless of how you look and all that rubbish but it’s not that easy if you’re not a perfect size 10.


So i’ve printed this out and have stuck it on my wall.

Pretty good right? This is my motivation Lmao! I am going to be realistic and give myself 8-12 months to achieve a body similar to Toccara’s. Her body is BANGING! Mission Impossible? Only time will tell…wish me luck!

p.s. Also shout outs to Stefanie who runs Curvaceous In The City
Her blog is so inspirational and heartwarming. Loves it!



July 28, 2009


Mission Impossible?

  1. Miss.Stefanie says:

    If I can do it! You can! Trust mamas its a long road but together we will get there!

  2. steph says:

    Maaaaaaaan i hope so! I'm going to try my hardest, thanks! xxx

  3. Chelle says:

    ah, i feeel you a 100% i'm tryingg too but i love my foood so ill just exercisee haaa

  4. MaryJesse says:

    Cute pic! -LOL- Love Stef as well- she inspires me sooo much ! I'm w/ Stef! If I can do it you can too girl ! Especially since I'm super lazy! Don't worry- have faith & be strong, you will have a bangin bod in no time!

  5. steph says:

    Thanks for the support ladies! What makes this harder is that my MOTHER has decided that now is the time to be bringing junk food, candy,chocolates and other temptations into the house and she has been eating them right infront of me..the temptation! :(.lmao but i gotta try maaaaan, thanks girls!! <333333

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