Hello People!

Haven’t written on here for a while due to courseworkage and revisionage. I’ve been working like a houseslave to get to grips with some of my modules mayn.

Anyhoo…updates…updates..Nothing really to be honest…My first exam is this Thursday and i am SHITTING myself man. But i want to try and get through these exams as best as i can…so we can have fun after!
After the exams me and some friends are planning to go to either Alton Towers or Thorpe Park or Blackpool or something for the day to celebrate, followed by MAJOR ravage and then me and Celine will be doing one of those “photoshoots” in the studio probably mid-june..Fun times!

Theeennnnn, i’m moving back home on the 15th of June, 5 days after i finish my last exam, and i’ve booked my driving lessons to start on the 2nd of July so it’s good times out here. Hopefully i will be driving by the time Uni re-opens. I’m also thinking to join some sort of sporting team as well to get fit for summer because the gym starts to get really boring and extremely repetitive so i’m thinking that i may just start doing Badmington, i


May 18, 2009



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