So I did it guys.

Went and wrote a whole book didn’t I??

In case you were wondering why it had been a bit quiet on the blog lately, it’s because THIS is what I’ve been doing for the last 3 months or so. Guys I am so incredibly excited to share this with you as I’ve been waiting for this for ages and honestly, cannot believe I’ve been able to pull this off!

It’s called ‘FATTILY EVER AFTER: THE FAT, BLACK GIRLS’ GUIDE TO LIVING LIFE UNAPOLOGETICALLY.” This book is my love letter to fat, black women essentially. I talk about the ways in which we navigate society as black women, from love and relationships to the way in which we are portrayed in the media, to mental and physical health, as well as cultural issues. I’ve woken relevant anecdotes of my life throughout the book to illustrate the theoretical points, and have included tips, advice and interviews from myself and other plus-sized black women on different subjects. It’s *HOPEFULLY* funny, insightful and brightly illustrated, so fun for all tbh.

It was an incredibly cathartic process, with some surprises along the way but I’m so so excited for you guys to get a hold of it! If this all sounds vague right now, it’s because I’m typing at 1000 miles an hour and I’m just choc-full of excitement, but I promise I’ll write something *deeper* later!

The book will be able to purchase on the 3rd of September. I would love it so much if you guys could pre-order HERE! 



January 17, 2020


Fattily Ever After.

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