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I’ll be honest; I haven’t really been keeping track of the new trends this season. There’s been a lotta ‘life’ stuff going on that has taken up the bulk of my time, however I’ve caught little bits and pieces of it here and there! The items about are pieces that I have been lusting over throughout the past 10 days or so.
As you can see, there’s a definite colour palette going on; lately I’ve been leaning towards crisp whites and golden hues, as opposed to my general mishmash of random colours and tones. This season I seem to be very much into tailoring, corporate workwear pieces and oversized fits.
ASOS Curve Oversized Grid Top.  I’m really digging the oversized thing at the moment and this top is just EVERYTHING. This piece reminds me of the type of clothing found within the ASOS White collections, which I adore and everything about it is an ultimate need.
River Island Plus Ripped Ashley Boyfriend Jeans.  I have a pair of oversized tights that are ACHING to be worn with these bad boys. I’m not love with boyfriend jeans and really need to up my collection
Eloquii Mixed Lace Dress. If you hadn’t already heard, Eloquii now ship to the UK and I cannot wait to get my hands on their fabulous pieces. This dress looks like something out of a Disney movie. Stunning!
Miss Selfridge Clean Pocket Rucksack. This rucksack reign will just not let up for me! I’ve been exclusively backpack-only for nearly a year now and I just can’t for the life of me imagine any other way. I LOVE them. This gorgeous gold one is minimal, giving it a luxury edge. Gorgeous!
Doc Martens 3909 Mono Smooth BroguesBIIIIITCH these Doc Martens are smooth AF! I love brogues and as for this sleek white pair?! Bitch pls…
Navabi Collection Wide Fit Trousers. So I’ve been stocking up on pieces that can double as workwear items and Navabi never fail to disappoint when it comes to this. Their new collection is absolutely beautiful and these wide fit trousers are a definite statement piece.
New Look Wide Fit Suedette V-Throat Shoes. Look. I know that these look like something out of an 80’s movie, but there’s something about the cut of these shoes that I like. I can’t explain it and I don’t want to. They just look comfy AF.
Elvi Premium Pleated Gold PU SkirtElvi have really knocked it outta the park this season with their new collection and this gold pleated skirt does not disappoint. Pair this with a crisp white boyfriend skirt and some white sandals (ORRRR the Doc martens above!) and you’ve got a killer summer outfit!

What trends are you guys into at the moment?


February 20, 2017



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