This year, I’ve really been getting into the groove of self love, body confidence and body positivity. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll probably have seen me flogging me’ wears all over the ‘gram in various states of (un)dress. This year I’m really trying to fully embrace the bikini and while I may not be going away this summer, it’s always great to have an awesome bikini tucked away in your arsenal for emergencies!

The Gorgeous DD+ bikini range at Debenhams* have a broad range of bikinis and all-in-one costumes available at the moment which consists of flattering, vivid prints and high waisted bikini delights for those who wish for a bit more of a cover up. Keeping with the current flora/vegetative print phase I seem to be going through at the moment,  I took a liking to the yellow palm print underwired bikini top and matching palm print bikini bottoms (the bottoms also come in a high-waisted style too). I normally prefer wearing high waisted bikini bottoms as I feel they balance out my figure a bit more (plus it covers up more of my tummy – an area that I still feel a bit shy about at times!), but these bikini bottoms are pretty roomy.
The bottoms in this style go up to a size 18, however due to them being quite stretchy with an elastane percentage of 18% (while still keeping it’s shape), I would say that they could even accommodate up to a size 22.  The bikini bottoms are of a mid-rise length with black panels on either side, with full arse-coverage (el-oh-el how else was I supposed to word this?!). The bikini top can be worn as a halter-neck or strapless and is fully underwired, giving a good bit of support. It is slightly padded and I think it gives the ole’ boobage a nice shape. I normally have trouble with halternecks, only because my neck is so short that the tied straps always feel  uncomfortable at the back of my neck – that was the only issue I really had with the top; a minor one at most and easily solvable as I can just wear this strapless and still receive the same amount of support, which is awesome!
The most important thing about this bikini however, is that it makes me feel comfortable and confident. The last thing you want is to feel a bit out of place or awkward, especially when you’re putting your goods on display! I adore the print and cut of the bikini and find the bra to be extremely supportive. I haven’t tested it in water yet but here’s hoping I can find a weekend somewhere on a beach! As I stated earlier, Debenhams have a very broad range within their line, going up to a 40G, however it would be nice if Debenhams (and most high street stores to be honest) could stock higher back sizes; there’s been a surge in plus size bikinis/fatkinis of late and I think it’s important for brands to recognise this and adjust their sizes appropriately.
Now to book a weekend beach break…

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June 4, 2015


The Debenhams Gorgeous DD+ Bikini

  1. Ash Horton says:

    I haven’t worn a bikini in a very long time but I may have to change that. The one you chose is gorgeous! You look amazing & so confident. 😀 xx

  2. You look absolutely amazing – if I looked that good in yellow, I’d never need to wear clothes, I’d living in that bikini!
    C xx

  3. toni king says:

    you look fab lovely. amazing as usual x

  4. Hanna R says:

    You look stunning! xx

  5. Yvonne Kirk says:

    Love love love. I saw this image on Buzzfeed and had to tell you, I was struck by your beauty. I have had a browse and your style is amazing. Much love hun. Keep it up

  6. Stephanie (Nerd About Town) says:

    Hi Yvonne! Thank you so much for your comment, you’re very kind! I didn’t even know I was on buzzfeed! Do you have a link??

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