One thing about me? I’m gonna indulge in some skincare hydration, baby. I live for it.

I’ve always been complimented on my skin for as long as I could remember, with my skincare regimen being the top question I get asked on my social media platforms (thanks guys!). I’m always very bashful whenever these compliments arise, as I don’t particularly think that my skin is anything to write home about. Do I take care of it? Sure! But outside of the genetics that have played a part in the clearness of my skin, I still get blemishes, dark spots and pigmentation like everyone else.

For me, moisture and hydration are key. I’ve always tried to incorporate as many skin moisturising ingredients as possible, even though I have combination skin and over the years, I have undertaken so many different skincare regimes. Remember the 10 step Korean regimen? I was ALL OVER THAT back in the day and to be honest, I’m surprised my skin didn’t rebel. I was slathering my skin in so many different serums each night that it’s a miracle that my skin even made it out alive.

But alas, I’ve been able to streamline my regimen significantly, improving my skin’s texture in the process, and it’s all down to some awesome products I’ve had in rotation for the last year or so. Below are some of my favourite hydrating products.

Hydrating Products

Medik8 Hydr8 B5 Intense – £59

Hyaluronic Acid has always been my number one when it comes to moisturising my skin, and hydration in general, and the Medik8 Hydrate Intense is a wonderful non-tacky serum that penetrates the skin deeply, replenishing lost moisture levels. It also contains vitamin B5, which draws moisture from the air and embeds it into the skin!

Tatcha Water Cream – £67 for 50ml

When it comes to premium hydration, Tatcha is that girl! The water cream is a light gel moisturiser that works to hydrate and balance skin, and I loved using this as it really helped to tighten my pores too. It’s expensive, but when it comes to Asian skincare, I truly believe that they lead the pack. You’ll see Tatcha come up again in this list, as they are incredible.

Byoma Hydrating Serum – £12.99

If you’re looking for a hardworking serum that delivers powerful results at a cheaper price, the Byoma hydrating serum may do just the trick. I tend to use this when travelling, and before I get on a plane as the consistency of the serum is quite thick. It also helps to repair the skin’s barrier, if you’re into that kind of thing (unless you have very severe skin issues, it’s pretty impossible to ‘break’ a skin barrier so I tend to take products that claim this with a pinch of salt.)

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Capsules – £48.00

Elizabeth Arden may as well be crowned the Kings of Ceramides, seeing as they were one of the first brands to market the ingredient to the masses way back in the day. I have a seperate post that talks all about my love of ceramides and why they are so awesome here. Their serum comes available in biodegradable capsules which offer the perfect dose for one use, and I absolutely love the oil-like texture when applying this underneath my Niacinamide serum at night. It offers a huge moisture boost that keeps my skin looking plump all night.

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask – £21

£21 is steep for a lip balm, but my goodness is it worth it? I have gone through eight (8!!!) balms over the last three years, and they come available in an array of different flavours too. Not only do they smell amazing, but they make your lips feel incredibly soft and plump when used as an overnight mask. I don’t find myself having to reapply every 30 minutes, which is an added bonus, and I use this under my matte liquid lip products so that my lips don’t feel tight underneath. An absolute gamechanger.

Tatcha Serum Stick – £49

There are a lot of hydrating sticks and balms on the market today: but there’s nothing like the Tatcha Serum stick. This nifty, multi-purpose balm is always sold out, and for good reason. The stick contains a concentrated solid serum of 80% Squalane and Japanese Lemon Balm that targets dryness instantly. I would recommend this product for those who have dry skin as it moisturises the skin instantly and is quite thick. However, I use this under my eyes (under makeup) and find that I don’t get as many under eye concealer creases whenever it’s used. It’s amazing.

Sunday Riley Ice Ceramide Moisturiser – From £20

Sunday Riley have some of the most potent skincare products in the game, and the ICE Ceramide moisturiser is no different. This cream is very intense. I use it at night as it’s incredibly thick and nourishing and can almost be used as an overnight face mask too. The hyaluronic and ceramide ingredients pull in moisture from the air and injects it into the skin, leaving the face feeling plump and moist. GREAT for flights.

The above are just some of my faves, but if you have any to add, please feel free to hit me up on Instagram!


March 17, 2024


My Skincare ‘Secret’? Hydration!

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