As a lifelong card carrying member of the ‘Spongebob Squarepants Society For Short Torsos’, I know that despite me knowing I can wear whatever I want, there are just some pieces I’ve always tended to avoid, due to how the pieces fit my body. Being plus size with long legs and a short, square torso sans hips means I tend to try and avoid pieces that cut off at awkward lengths, meaning mid-thigh shorts (Bermuda!), boxy tops, and three-quarter length-ANYTHING.

But! Last month I found myself scrolling through Pinterest (I was looking for some booty shorts for Summer) and happened to come across various collages of Bermuda shorts. In my mind’s eye, they weren’t looking too bad. It was then that my delusion kicked in: ‘I could potentially style a pair of these and attempt to make them look sorta cool on me’ I wondered delulu-ly as I hopped over to ASOS to make a purchase of a pair of the beige shorts.

When they arrived, I tried them on cautiously, expecting to hate them. Shorts have historically never really suited me due to my large (and very much-loved) FUPA. The creasing that happens around the crotch area with shorts when you do have a large stomach is can be annoying. However, when I squinted at myself in the mirror, I was surprised to notice that I didn’t automatically hate them. And it may just be the cut and tailoring of these specific shorts (they had a lot of room for the belly!) but I actually found that they complimented my legs quite nicely, despite the awkward cut off point.

I teamed the shorts with my favourite pair of loafers, my H&M pale blue boxy cardigan and a badass faux fur coat from Whistles for that almost academic, 80’s vibe. In summer i’ll most probably pair this with a crop top and a pair of Vans or Converse – a full out festival look!

There are plenty of ways to style Bermuda shorts; it just depends on your mood for the day. For a relaxed, dressed-down look, you could pair a set of denim shorts with an oversized crisp white or striped shirt, a bralette (or crop top) and a pair of converse hi-tops. For something a bit more summery, you could try a pair of pleated cotton shorts teamed with a black body suit and sandals. The possibilities are indeed endless with this piece!

Check out some of my plus size bermuda finds below:


February 20, 2024


Apparently, I’m Into Bermuda Shorts Now.

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