Wide-brimmed hat? Check.

big ass platformed black boots? Check?

A hot beverage that *may* or *may not* contain a Pumpkin Spiced Latte (hint: it’s a Costa cup)? Check.

The little black dress? Double-check.

That’s right lads. After a short and uneventful Summer with a couple of heatwaves chucked in between, we are now firmly in the grips of Autumn and her annoying, ratchet sister, Winter.  Cue fall leaves on the wet ground, cinnamon and clove-scented streets and most excitingly, the beginning of Christmas Market season. Except this *is* the UK we are talking about, so maybe scrap the Autumnal leaves and replace them with blistering cold winds, torrential rain and the Underground smelling of damp skin, mud and ass. =/

As I was tucked up in bed undertaking my daily scroll of the ‘New In’ section on ASOS (a habitual task as opposed to one with an outcome) I came across this cotton babydoll mini dress with a balloon sleeve and instantly fell in love. As someone with big arms, I do love a balloon sleeve! I love the cut of the bustline, and while I would have preferred the dress to be about 3 inches shorter (something I think I may have to tailor later down the line as the model wearing it is 5″11 and I am but 5″7), I love the way the dress flares out in an A-line, especially when the wind is blowing.

It’s a simple dress, but sometimes that’s all you need, isn’t it? A simple, practical black dress with a couple of cute features. I paired the dress with these wide fit chunky lace-up boots, to really amp up the American Horror Story: Coven vibe, this beautiful tapestry bag that was an absolute steal, and MY BRAND NEW WIDE BRIMMED HAT THAT ACTUALLY FITS MY HEAD.

Photography by Kaye Ford

Dress // Boots // Bag // Hat


I’m extra excited, as I’ve never been able to wear hats due to how massive my head is. So when Nicolette Mason informed me about this brand that sells hats in different sizes called Lack of Color, I snapped one up right away, and I am absolutely in love.

Gosh, I look like such an Autumnal blogger, don’t I? I can’t help it, I just love it when an outfit comes together!






October 5, 2020


The Little Black A/W Dress.

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