I know that the content on my blog has been a bit ‘serious’ lately, so to counter that I thought I’d create something a bit fun!

I likes to have fun with fashion every once in a while, and with this post I thought I’d set myself a little challenge which was to look up the fashion trends of the year I was born and try and re-create the ‘lewk’ of the time. Why? Because fun innit? It allows you to delve into the murky, tacky trends of yesteryear while also providing surprisingly cool and current reference points from of which to base your future wardrobes on.

Research included asking my Mum hella questions, as well as looking through loads of photo albums featuring photos taken during my Mum’s pregnancy and my birth (this process alone took absolute ages, with my Mum offering little to no help at all. “Steph go away, I’m watching Eastenders.” – have you heard?! SMH). I also did quite a bit of research online through articles both old and new, and at one point I was even able to find an issue of Vogue at some point in 1989 online!

1989 was an exciting year for fashion, as it was the turn of the century and it was a year when fashion trends of the 80’s were slowly phasing out and integrating with the young, daring trends of the 1990s. Fashion icons such as Lisa Bonet, Grace Jones and Janet Jackson were out in full force; think plisse pieces, colour blocking, MTV, Cosby jumpers, tassels and fishnets.

So, gathering all these elements, I decided to go for an almost ‘athleisure-meets-evening soiree’ look. Something colourful, but also simple. Naturally, I was able to get everything I needed from my beloved ASOS and come up with the look you see below.

I challenge you lot to create an outfit from the year you were born! I’d absolutely love to see what you guys come up with tbh.

*a note on this plisse dress: it’s a LOT lighter than the website would have you believe. It’s made from a very light plisse material, and is almost see-through in some parts. It’s quite oversized though, especially around the arms so it’s something to bare in mind.*


Photography by Kaye Ford

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August 1, 2018



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