This post isn’t going to be accompanied by some sleek, pre-planned, ethereal photos of me in bed. I took these photos in the corner of my room with a self timer, with rubbish lighting. They are grainy and the lighting is all off (see the second batch of photos lol!), but I really wanted to post these photos because of the way I look in them.
In them, I feel confident and I feel free.
I’ve never really tended to post a lot of lingerie photos up on the old blog for various reasons; what if work sees? What if family sees? What if my rolls are doing the most? What if people judge me for wearing so little? A couple of months ago though, I thought to myself, ‘who cares?’. I see scores of non-plus sized bloggers uploading lingerie reviews and bikini reviews both on their blogs and on Youtube, so why should I be any different? Especially when it’s to¬†highlight beautiful lingerie, such as the Jodi Plunge set by Elomi I am wearing here.
A few months ago, I created a new Instagram page Respect My Rolls which is a fat positive safe space for women to show off their gorgeous swimwear and lingerie photos. We all know how difficult it is sometimes as fat women to find attractive, functional lingerie (although we are privy to more options lately now) and I wanted to create a page where women can essentially ‘shop’ any lingerie/bikini pieces that catch their eye. Moreso though, I wanted it to be a space where women could feel confident, attractive, empowered and beautiful in their bodies; with their rolls, cellulite and stretch marks.
You see, we should have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to our bodies, and we also deserve to adorn ourselves in pretty pieces of lingerie to boost our mood. We should be unapologetic in our confidence and we deserve to love ourselves loudly, regardless of what friends, colleagues or family has to say. If our smaller counterparts can love themselves wearing nothing but a two-piece and show it online, why can’t we?


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September 22, 2017



  1. Robin Michael Rush says:

    You look wonderful!

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